About Us

Der gemeinnützige Verein Chinese Community in Switzerland ist eine non-profit Organisation, politisch und religiös neutral. Er hilft den Chinesen in der Schweiz sich stärker in ihrem Gastland zu integrieren. Unsere Veranstaltungen haben zum Ziel, dass unsere Mitglieder und andere interessierte Teilnehmer auf verschiedenen Ebenen und in zahlreichen Themenbereichen mehr über die Schweiz erfahren können und lernen, aktiver am schweizerischen Leben teilzuhaben wobei sie sich gleichzeitig noch besser unter einander vernetzen können.




Hong Zhang

Hong Zhang was born in North China. She graduated with a Master degree in Engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology, and was honored the Top 10 Students Award. After her studies, she worked as a journalist in the PR department of the Shenyang TV station. In 1999, she came to Switzerland for a doctoral position at the ETH Zürich Turbomachinery laboratory (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). She completed a BSc in Computer Science at ETH Zürich in 2007. During her studies at ETH, Hong worked as a free-lance journalist and as a part-time technical interpreter. She started her professional career as a business analyst at Avaloq and SwissLife. She is always interested in integration of foreigners into local life. In Feburary 2011 she becomes a member in foreign advisory board (Ausländerbeirat Zürich) of Zürich Government for the period of 2011-2014. Now she works for the Zürich government for integration courses. And after working 5 years as a volunteer for Chinese Union of Zürich, she founded together with other board members the non-profit organisation Chinese Community in Switzerland, helping Chinese people to integrate actively into Swiss society.

Pascal Meyer
Vice President

Pascal Meyer was born and raised in Zurich. He received his master's degree from the University of Zurich majoring in Chinese Studies with Political Science and International Law as minor subjects. He studied and lived for several years in China and Taiwan, nurturing his insatiable interests in Chinese culture. A self-taught hacker, he worked several years in the IT and telecom industries as a software engineer, before founding his first company in 2005. He founded and runs popular Swiss daily deal and coupon platforms like Dealanzeiger, Dealkompass or Gutschein-Codes, he is now upgrading his business focus to more tangible trades like Import/Export of alcoholic beverages and home electronics. Fluent in seven major languages, he looks forward to adding some more idioms to his short list by the end of this decade. As co-founder and vice president of the Chinese Community in Switzerland it will be his job to represent the Swiss part of the organisational equation. He loves the movies, a good glass of wine with awesome people as well as ramblings about cool things like Digital Cash and the advantages of the coming swarm economies.

Simin Yang
Secretary General

Simin was born and grew up in the southern part of China. She graduated with a Bachelor degree in German Language and Literature from Fudan University in Shanghai, China and a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from the University of Mannheim in Germany. Simin moved to Zurich in 2012 for advanced study in Management and Economics at the University of Zurich. During her studies at home and abroad, she participated in an intensive training in Investment Management at Zurich Financial Services Group’s Hong Kong office in cooperation with Hong Kong University and was an exchange student at Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. She has also gained varied practical experience besides her studies. She has worked as an Assistant to the CEO of Nokia Siemens Network Ltd. (Shanghai, China), as an Assistant Analyst in Research and Development at Shanghai Futures Exchange (Shanghai, China) and as an Intern in Wealth Management at UBS (Zurich, Switzerland). Since April 2015, she has been working as a voluntary Translator, Interpreter and Reporter for the Chinese Community in Switzerland.

Yuanyuan Huang
Project Manager

Yuanyuan Huang was born and grew up in southeast China. She received her bachelor degree and a teaching certification in Biological Science at Zhejiang Normal University in 2010 and her master's degree from Peking University majoring in Ecology in 2013. Then she came to Switzerland with a Marie Curie Fellowship and received her PhD degree in Science and Policy in the Department of Evolutional Biology and Environmental Studies at the University of Zurich in 2017. As an IDP BRIDGES Fellow (Bridging Plant Sciences and Policy), she learned key skills in the communication of scientific evidence to policymakers, the media and the public. In her project “Forest Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning”, she involved different stakeholder groups in a participative process. Yuanyuan loves photography and has made scientific films to improve the wider impact of scientific research on policy-making. She has been working as a voluntary photographer for the Chinese Community in Switzerland since 2014.

Ying Ying Cui
Project Manager

Ying Ying Cui was born and grew up in North China. After her studies in Project Management and Finance & Economics from Tianjin University of Finance and Economics (China), she worked consecutively as a construction supervisor; a project manager of several office and residential buildings; as well as a vice manager of an international trading company. She came to Switzerland in 2009 and completed her Master’s degree in Facility Management at Zurich University of Applied Sciences in 2013. After her study, she works as a research associate in the Institute of Facility Management in Switzerland. She has published several international peer-reviewed scientific articles. Having been living in Switzerland for more than 6 years, she is well integrated in Swiss society. She speaks Chinese, English and German. She likes travelling, designing and piano playing. Her role in the Chinese Community in Switzerland (CHCCH) is to initiate, plan and manage events and projects.