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公益讲座:中瑞自由贸易及相关主题开始报名! Seminar about the free trade agreement and other relevant topics. Online registration begins!




地点:Haus der Kulturen, Erismannstrasse 6, 8004 Zürich

10 CHF*用于场地租用及当天饮料,学生凭证免费


《有关中瑞自由贸易》,英文,Felix Rosenberger,亚洲及太平洋地区(亚太区)副主任,东亚地区顾问,瑞士联邦经济事务秘书处SECO

  • 瑞士与中国的双边经济关系
  • SECO及其在对外经济政策的作用
  • 瑞士对外贸易政策,特别是市场准入方面
  • 与中国的自由贸易协定之路
  • 自由贸易协定的总体概况

《开发亚洲高科技市场 ——Sihl最新经验分享》,英文,Patrick Le Galudec亚太区销售总监,Sihl股份有限公司

  • 评估公司实力、弱点和特性
  • 寻找匹配的经销伙伴和潜在客户
  • 定义销售的基本要义——安全、价格、性能、文化
  • 领先客户和合作伙伴一步: 研发团队和业主的作用


  • 以员工年薪10万为例,老板一年需为他支出多少费用?
  • 用工过程中雇主与雇员有可能发生哪些争议?怎么处理?
  • 未雨绸缪。员工如何应对中年失业的风险?
  • 工会在企业中做什么?
  • 直雇与劳务派遣,现有企业用人策略对比。
  • 给雇主和雇员的一些建议。

多一扇窗户,就多一个视角;信息是资源,也是财富;谁离源头最近,谁就受益最多。瑞士中国人社区(简称:嘻哈嘻嘻哈,cHccH.ch )热情欢迎您!

Seminar: The Free Trade Agreement and Relevant Topics


The Chinese Community in Switzerland (cHccH.ch) is a non-profit, non-political, and religiously neutral association, with the objective to help Chinese integrate into Swiss society, to promote the exchange of economy, culture, science and technology between China and Switzerland and to enrich communication among Chinese in Switzerland.

Time: Fr. 26th Jun 2015 at 17:30

Haus der Kulturen, Erismannstrasse 6, 8004 Zürich

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Language: English, Chinese (live translation during Q-A session)

Cost: 10 CHFfree for students

Registration online (till 24th Jun 2015): http://freetrade.chcch.ch

Subjects and Speakers:

<About the Free Trade Agreement Switzerland-China>, in English, Felix Rosenberger, Deputy Head Asia / Oceania,Adviser on East Asia,State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO

  • Bilateral economic relations with China
  • State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO and its role in foreign economic policy in particular
  • Swiss foreign trade policy in particular with regard to market access
  • The way towards the Free Trade Agreement with China
  • The FTA in a nutshell

<Developing High-Tech Markets in Asia – Sihl’s Recent Experiences>, in English, Patrick Le Galudec, Director of Sales Asia-Pacific, Sihl AG

The presentation proposes an overview of success factors for latecomers, unexpected difficulties met, cultural misunderstandings and complementarities and how we ended up with a winning team.

Special points:

  • Assessing Company strengths, weaknesses and personality
  • Finding matching distribution partner and prospects
  • Defining the fundamentals for what we sell – safety, price, performance, culture
  • Staying one step ahead of clients and partners: the role of R&D and owner

 <Spear and Shield- Labor Costs for Foreign Companies and Unemployment Risks for Employees in China>, in Chinese, Beibei Xue, Senior Legal Counsel, 10 years in Beijing Foreign Enterprise Human Resources Service Co., Ltd. (FESCO), Focused on: Labor Dispute & Mediation.

  • How much should the employer pay for the employee if his annual salary is supposed to be CHY 100,000?
  • What kind of disputes will arise between the employer and employee during the contract period? How to deal with the issues?
  • Get prepared for the rainy days. How to cope with the midlife unemployment crisis?
  • What kind of role does the labor union play in an enterprise?
  • Direct hiring or labor dispatching? Comparison of current employment strategies of enterprises.
  • Advices for employers and employees.

One more window, one more perspective; one more information point, one more resource; with speakers close to the information sources, from whom we can profit most.

You are welcome!

Chinese Community in Switzerland (简称:嘻哈嘻嘻哈,cHccH.ch)

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