Workout for Private Investors – “Fit for Finance”

Would you like to understand the mechanism of the stock markets and be able to form your own market opinions? Would you like to know what you need to be aware of in security trading and how you can implement practical strategies? Investing money profitably and sustainably is not trivial but is also not magic. With the necessary basic knowhow you can build a significant foundation to enable you to invest your money reliably and in accordance with capital market theory.
We are proud to announce that, exclusively for the Chinese Community, we are beginning a practical training program covering this complex topic which we will start in summer 2016. Within the scope of this instruction, designated finance experts will impart their essential knowledge in a series of modules that will enable you to become a self-directed investor.  You can benefit from our experts’ knowledge and network with like-minded people. Start now building up the knowledge of financial markets and products and become independent from your bank advisor.

Experts Portrait


Mr. Stefan Meichtry,Swiss certificate for chartered financial planner, designated finance expert, independent Senior Trainer.

As designated finance experts he imparted precious and related to practice knowhow to more than 35000 seminar participants, novices as well as advanced learner for more than 8 years at Swissquote, the Swiss leader in online banking. Now he is working at a well-known insurer in Switzerland as Senior Trainer. For this reason, he is independent from all banks, banking services and products and he can guarantee you a neutral and non-sales driven education and training.

Time: Thu. 2th, 9th 16th 23th Juni 2016, 17:30-21:00
Place: ENAIP Schweiz, Weberstrasse 3, 8004 Zürich

Language: English or German

Cost: CHF100 / module, 400 CHF all four modules (50% reduction of normal fee)

Registration online (till 30th May 2016):

More details please click on this flyer : Flyer_FinancialInvestment_Training_EN

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Chinese Community in Switzerland

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Über 瑞士中国人

Hong Zhang was born in North China. In 1999, she graduated with a Master degree in Engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology, and was honored the Top 10 Students Award. After her studies, she worked as a journalist in the PR department of the Shenyang TV station. In 1999, she came to Switzerland for a doctoral position at the ETH Zürich Turbomachinery laboratory (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). She completed a BSc in Computer Science at ETH Zürich in 2007. During her studies at ETH, Hong worked as a free-lance journalist for the online-newspaper and as a part-time technical interpreter for Alstom Power. She started her professional career as a business analyst at Avaloq in Zürich in 2008. After working as salesperson in Bucherer Luzern and Kirchhofer Interlaken, she follows her career path at SwissLife in December 2011. She is always interested in integration of foreigners into local life. In Feburary 2011 she becomes a member in foreign advisory board (Ausländerbeirat Zürich) of Zürich Government for the period of 2011-2014. Now she works for the Zürich government for integration courses. And after working 5 years as a volunteer for Chinese Union of Zürich, she founded together with other board members the non-profit organisation Chinese Community in Switzerland, helping Chinese people to integrate more actively into Swiss society.
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